Denton Massage School

facebookAdministrative Policies

Compensation for Practice Massages
It is illegal for students to receive money for their practice massages! The Board of Massage would prohibit licensure for 5 years and any malpractice liability coverage could be voided. Receiving remuneration or compensation for massage is a cause for dismissal from the program.

Liability Coverage
Each student will be responsible for attaining and providing proof of liability insurance. Institutions such as the American Massage Therapy Association and American Massage and Bodywork Professionals offer student liability insurance at reduced rates.

Attendance Requirements
Regular attendance at scheduled class or program meetings is expected. Occasionally personal circumstances may arise which render it impossible for a student to attend class time. Arrangements should be made in advance with the program instructor and the work rescheduled for a later time. A policy of 24 hour notice to reschedule is appreciated. To maintain satisfactory attendance, students must be present for 90% of all classes during an academic period. Any student who falls below this standard may be put on probation.

Making Up Missed Work
Students will be required to make up all assignments, exams, or other work missed as the result of any absence, excused or unexcused. The student must make arrangements with the instructor to complete all missed work. The instructor may assign additional outside make-up work if deemed appropriate. Arrangements to take a missed test must be made within three days of the absence. All arrangements are subject to the approval of the school director.

Graduation Requirements
Students must have maintained a 75% average, completed the course and outside massage hours, and discharged all financial obligations to the apprenticeship program. Students must also hold a current First Aid/CPR card and have completed the AIDS training requirements.

Grading System/Standards of Progress
There are numerous quizzes and tests to help students evaluate their understanding of the material being covered. Each instructor will regularly evaluate the quality of instruction and require a C+ average on all quizzes and exams. Promotion to each successive phase of the program and graduation shall be dependent on mastery of the knowledge and skills presented. A certification of completion is awarded to those completing the 712 hours and earning a score of 75% or higher on written and practical exams, and completing 50 hours of documented massage outside of class time. Students are expected to participate fully in all class or program activities.

Letter Grade Percentage
A 90-100%
B 80-89%
C 70-79%
D 60-69%
F Below 60%

Professional Massage Practice
In order to legally practice massage in the State of Washington, a person must be licensed by the Division of Professional Licensing through the State of Washington. This involves a written exam.

Disruptive or unprofessional behavior can result in probation or dismissal. For re-admission, a probationary period is required.

Drug and Alcohol Use
Students suspected of possessing, using, or distributing drugs or any other controlled substance will be subject to dismissal from the program. Students who possess, use, or distribute alcohol on school or clinic premises will also be subject to dismissal. It is the right of this massage program to request a drug test or evaluation by medical doctor for any reason.

Advanced Placement and Transfer of Credit
Transfer students from other school programs will be looked at on an individual basis.

Employment Placement
Though this program does not currently have a placement program, we do expect to be able to refer students to career opportunities as they come up. By law we cannot guarantee a job upon completion of this program.