Denton Massage School



Classroom at Denton MassageOur curriculum is structured to teach the art and science of massage therapy as well as sound business practices which help prepare students for successful bodywork careers. Our curriculum includes various effective techniques, while acknowledging the intuitive aspect of the work. This helps students facilitate their own intuitive and creative potentials and assists in creating a blend of established, contemporary technique and individuality.

Students learn basic massage therapy theory and practice through Swedish massage and build upon this knowledge as they advance with deep tissue and structural bodywork techniques. Students also learn specific modalities involving passive movement, stretching, and range of motion techniques. Throughout the training, students are taught techniques in personal body mechanics which include movement, stretching, and how best to use their bodies while doing massage work.

To ensure that each student achieves a solid basis of technical and scientific understanding as well as an ability to communicate clearly with other health care professionals, we offer courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology, and kinesiology. We have a variety of health care professionals who come and speak on various topics such as sports medicine, chiropractic, and naturopathic medicine. We also have courses in First Aid, CPR, & AIDS training.

Our program prepares students to become knowledgeable and effective massage therapists. We are also concerned about the ability of our graduates to become successful in the marketplace as sole proprietors, independent contractors, or employees. Several business courses are offered including starting and operating a business, presentation, marketing, basic accounting, insurance billing, resume writing, interviewing, and other sound business practices which emphasize a holistic approach to the health care system.

The student also has the opportunity to work with members of the public in an established clinic setting. This experience offers students a sense of competence, self-confidence, and self-esteem. It also serves to promote the profession and help create a market for massage therapy by educating the public about the benefits and effectiveness of bodywork. Students are supervised by their instructors and trainers, and massage sessions are reviewed together to encourage the growth and development of each individual practitioner.

The material required to be a Licensed Massage Practitioner will be covered by the highly qualified staff and faculty of Denton Massage School. This includes Swedish massage techniques, medical terminology, indications and contraindications, hydrotherapy, pregnancy massage, deep tissue and myofascial techniques, advanced and clinical applications such as Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, Cyriax cross fiber friction, stages of inflammation, and treatment for various medical conditions. Also covered are business practices, hygiene, ethics, chart noting, and human behavior. In addition, students are required to complete 50 hours of documented out-of-class massages (minimum 50 minutes of hands-on massage time per hour).
Total Hours: 712.5, Outside Massage Hours: 25, Intership Hours: 20