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We offer a wide variety of therapy options to help youimprove your overall health and sense of well-being.

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What is happening at the Wellness Clinic and DMS

Begin your week with energizing and relaxing movements, poses and stretches.
Enjoy various styles of yoga-vinyasa, Bhakti, Yin and Restorative.
Become stronger, more balanced and flexible.
Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirits.
Good for the beginners and beyond.

Monday afternoons 4:45-6:00pm with Rona
(the first 15 minutes being meditation and the Yoga beginning at 5:00. Drop in Anytime.)
Sunday evening 6:00-7:00pm with Sarai

Wellness Clinic, Denton Massage School
$12/class or $100/10 class punch card

Available Services

(Health Insurance, L & I, and PIP Claims accepted. Claims must be pre-authorized and come with a doctor’s referral). For management of chronic pain and injury rehabilitation, combining various therapies to release soft tissue, reduce pain, increase flexibility and speed healing.
15 Min. Increments $25.00
60 Min. $100.00
Massage Room in Arlington, WA
Wellness Massage
Increase your well being while decreasing the effects of stress. Complementary massage therapies help ease tension, decrease pain, calm the nervous system and increase overall relaxation, encouraging a healthy, functioning body.
30 Min. $40.00
60 Min. $65.00
90 Min. $85.00
Therapeutic Treatment Massage
Hot Rock Massage
Hot rock massage is an ancient art of combining a variety of hot stones and massage techniques to create a state of balance and deep relaxation.
60 Min. $85.00
90 Min. $100.00

Pregnancy Massage
During this special time, a relaxation massage can enhance the “mom-to-be’s” overall well-being while reducing physical and emotional stress. Special pillows and cushions are used to ease body positioning and provide maximum comfort. A wonderful way to restore balance for both mother and child!
60 Min. $65.00

Body Wraps
Enjoy two full hours of complete relaxation and pampering. A warm and detoxifying herbal body wrap will indulge your senses while melting away the stress. We follow this with a one-hour massage for the ultimate in relaxation and wellness!
120 Min. (Includes Massage) $120.00
60 Min. (Body Wrap Only) $65.00

Seaweed/Clay Masque Body Wraps
A complete treatment to hydrate, stimulate circulation, detoxify, and improve skin elasticity. Ideal for cellulite or weight loss programs.
60 Min. $65.00

Foot Zone Therapy
Foot Zone Therapy is a natural way of bringing relief & healing to the body by utilizing the body’s own healing resources. This method helps rejuvenate the body by reinforcing the electrical connections of the body. Manipulation of each zone strengthens the body’s ability to heal, create balance, and increase vitality. It uses the natural signal system of the feet to establish balance. This treatment is particularly effective in treating poor blood circulation, lymph flow, and mental sharpness. However, zone therapy is not simply for those suffering from ailments or disorders, it is also an excellent preventative health measure.

Massage at Denton Massage SchoolSome conditions that may be relieved include: Asthma, Eczema, Arthritis, poor digestion, bowel problems, back & neck problems, bronchial conditions, Hormonal Imbalance, Premenstrual Tension, Fibromyalgia, Post-natal Depression, Migraines, High Blood Pressure, emotional disturbances (current and past), as well as many others.
60 Min. $55.00

Seated Chair Massage
Seated chair massage can be done anywhere, an office, retreat, conference, party, or any other type of gathering. Chair massages are done with the recipient fully clothed, in a specially designed massage chair that provides maximum comfort during the massage. The chair is lightweight and portable, enabling it to be setup in almost any space. A typical chair massage session will include work on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, and hands. Benefits: Lowered workplace stress, reduced blood pressure, increased immunity to colds and flus, decreased absenteeism, improved creative thinking and productivity, relief of muscular tension, revitalized energy.
15 Min. Increments $15.00

Paraffin Dip
A warm and soothing paraffin dip is good for either hands or feet. Relieves joint pain, increases flexibility and movement.
15 Min. $10.00
Combined Hand & Foot
Treatment $15.00

Abhyanga Tandem Massage
Performed by two therapists working with an individual client. The two therapists work in synchrony using specific strokes to help achieve balance and relaxation; decrease muscle pain, stress, and mental exhaustion; and maintain health.

This traditional treatment involves combining herbal powders into a paste which is then rubbed into the body to stimulate circulation and cell renewel, smooth the skin, tone the body’s tissues, support detoxification, and relax the body. Originally used as a beauty treatment, it is now combined with other ayuvedic treatments to bring balance and wellness to the body.

Shirodhara is the application of a thin stream of warm oil onto the forehead, just between the eyebrows. The purpose of this treatment is to center the mind, bring balance to the body, increase relaxation and inner peace, and to settle any imbalances such as anxiety or insomnia.

Indian Head Massage
This treatment begins with a warm foot soak combined with aromatherapy to help soothe and balance the soul, as well as to purify the body. While the feet are immersed, the head is massaged and stimulated along the “marma” points and the scalp is oiled and invigorated. This is an art form that is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

Chai Salt Scrub
A stimulating buffing of the skin to exfoliate and soften, mixed with traditional, warming herbs.

Body Salt Glow
We gently exfoliate your entire body using a combination of sea salt butter and Dead Sea salts that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and detoxified.
40 Min. $45.00

Holistic Hypnotherapy/Counseling
In a safe, comfortable place, experience emotional healing, personal improvement, increased self-worth and peace of mind. Change old beliefs and habits. May include, but is not limited to, smoking cessation; weight management; stress/anxiety reduction; management of fears, pain, depression, and/or grief; spiritual counseling; and counseling on death and dying. Initial sessions are approximately 2 hours; follow-up sessions are 60-90 minutes.
1st Session $100.00
Follow-up Sessions $75.00

Payment Options

Our services are covered under many insurance plans from Premera Blue Cross, Regence Blue Shield, First Choice, Aetna, Uniform, and Lifewise, as well as Labor & Industries and many motor vehicle Personal Injury Protection plans. Please check your plan benefits to determine whether massage is covered by your insurance. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, and checks.

Gift certificates are available!

Please give us at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations!

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