Denton Massage School


I have been part of the Denton Massage School faculty since its inception and have known both MaryRose and Kathy for over 10 years. They are skilled practitioners who have brought their hard work and talents into this school. Students are well trained and prepared to become successful massage therapists.
~ Sarah Contreras, Instructor


I’m very glad that I picked Denton Massage School because of its closeness with the students, helpfulness, fun, patient, and drive oriented teachers. I have met a lot of nice people that are now my friends.

Denton Massage School is a wonderful school. I had a great time and learned so much. I also made some really great friends. The teachers are so great and easy to get along with.

I have had a great time at Denton! I am confident that I have been fully prepared to become successful in the massage community. I have met some incredible people and the experience has changed my life!

My experience at Denton Massage School has been a growth of learning personally and academically. To be able to visualize myself practicing massage has been a goal of mine for a long time and I’m in the home stretch. You can look deeper and see the useful tools that this school has to offer in the individuals that MaryRose chooses to teach each subject. The depth that they can offer you with this small class is exactly what I needed. The instructors have you look beyond the necessary thing and have you take it to the next level.
~Londa Damon, Student


There are occasions in our lives when we all need the human touch, whether it is to relieve our everyday stresses, to aid in repairing injuries, or to pamper and nurture our souls. Massage therapy provides the connection, when applied it is unique to each individual.
~Lori Fischer, Client