Denton Massage School

facebookPhilosophies & Objectives

deskDenton Massage School is designed to work one on one with each student in an established massage clinic, allowing each student to work at their own pace in a real-life environment. This program offers flexibility for students who prefer individually based learning.

Denton Massage School is dedicated to promoting excellence in massage therapy and to instilling confidence, competence, and professionalism in each of its graduates. The working knowledge, curriculum, and 1 on 1 learning environment aids students in becoming skilled health care practitioners, and assists them in attaining their fullest potential in the professional world.

We believe that positive thought and healthy lifestyles support successful learning. This is illustrated by the holistic awareness brought to the program, its curriculum, and teaching styles. We strive to combine Eastern and Western concepts into an integrated and harmonious blend of techniques.

Professional Conduct: Faculty & Student
Our massage practitioner training program adheres to Washington State approved educational and professional standards. Students are taught and practice professional draping techniques. Classroom nudity is prohibited. Students are fully clothed while giving a massage. Students are taught to professionally respond to clients’ requests.